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Life before COVID: Health and habits of Ireland’s older people before crisis hit
Almost three-quarters of Irish adults aged 58 and over have two or more medical conditions
TILDA research offers fresh insight into how Ireland’s system of caring affects older adults
Health expert consortium calls for vitamin D policy in battle against COVID-19
TILDA Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2020
TILDA researchers secure $4.5m for latest study, with, international partners
Trinity research finds open fires could pose substantial hazard to older people’s health
President Michael D. Higgins marks the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty
TILDA wins prestigious funding to bolster international dementia research
TILDA Nutrition Researcher wins Prestigious Best Short Talk Award
The impact following Covid-19 rules has had on older people
TILDA wins research funding as part of the Creativity in Older Age Programme
TILDA collaborates with the Milieu Intérieur project to answer key questions on aging and inflammation
Transforming innovative research into practice to benefit older people
Research highlights increased loneliness in lock-down for the over-70s
Trinity to study impact of Covid-19 on over 50s
Documenting the toll of COVID-19 on Ireland’s older people
Could lack of vitamin D and ultraviolet be linked to COVID-19 mortality in northerly latitudes?
Asthma rates higher among over-50s living in areas with more local air pollution
High levels of folic acid in blood do not impact on brain function of older people - Irish researchers
High folate levels in the older population: implications for fortification in Ireland
Older people living alone less likely to have internet access, study shows
New TILDA research spotlights online habits of older adults in the age of our new normal
New TILDA report uses Nursing Home data to inform COVID-19 responses for most vulnerable
Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing Annual Public Lecture 2020
Exposure of latent ageism in virus response highlights need to reform care systems for older people
Rethinking Democracy in an Age of Pandemic
GAA and TILDA host ‘How to Age Well’ webinar featuring Mícheal Ó Muircheartaigh
TILDA win two HRB grants as part of COVID-19 rapid research response
Vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19: new Tilda research
COVID-19: Vitamin D - a factor determining severity in COVID-19, new TILDA research
COVID-19: Vital research reports published to aid health officials
Covid-19: Cocooning elderly over 70 at risk of vitamin D deficiency
One third of adults over 70 are care-givers, study finds
Coronavirus: Researchers fear crisis has ‘unmasked’ ageist attitudes
Adults over 70 are the fabric of their community and deserve acknowledgement of this during the COVID-19 crisis
TILDA report to inform demographics for over 50s in Ireland for COVID-19 crisis
President Higgins honours SFI President of Ireland Future Research Leaders
BT Young Scientist Seminar on Atrial Fibrillation and LDL Cholesterol