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The Vision Working Group investigates eye disease, visual function and performance, and how they related to other aspects of health and well-being. TILDA gathers data on the major eye diseases affecting older adults in addition to information relating to visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, perception and self-rated vision. The Vision Working Group collaborates closely with the Macular Pigment Research Group at Waterford Institute of Technology and with researchers from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

As part of TILDA, researchers have looked at the sound-induced flash illusion (SiFI) susceptibility in ageing in the context of a participant’s living environment (urban versus rural), hearing aid use, cataract removal, eye disease, global cognition, unisensory (visual and auditory) function and sex. Using MRI data, researchers have also examined the relationship between SIFI susceptibility in ageing and grey matter volume.

TILDA Researchers

Dr Rebecca Hirst

Dr. Rebecca Hirst joined the TILDA research team as a post-doctoral researcher in January 2019. Her current research focuses on individual differences in multisensory integration in ageing.

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