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TILDA Public and Patient Involvement Working Group

The Irish Health Research Forum defines Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) as a concept and process when individuals meaningfully and actively collaborate in the governance, priority-setting and conduct of research, as well as in summarising, distributing, sharing, and applying its resulting knowledge. Here at TILDA, we are always striving to improve input from study participants. In September 2019, we began recruitment of study participants to our PPI Working Group (PPI WG). The PPI WG members come from different backgrounds, and will provide invaluable insights into study design and how we communicate results to the public. The WG first met in October 2019. At this meeting, we discussed how best to feed back results from the TILDA Wave 6 health assessment; discussed a new study focusing on diabetes in Irish adults aged 50+; sought and shared opinions on microbiome research in the TILDA study; and considered ideas on what topic reports might be of interest in the near future. The vision of this group is to give a voice to TILDA participants. We thank all those who generously gave up their time to be part of the TILDA PPI WG, and look forward to our next meeting in 2020.

If you are a TILDA participant and are interested in joining the TILDA PPI WG, please get in touch at