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To develop an environment for ageing well, we need to characterise the older Irish citizen and explore factors which determine successful ageing. This can only be done with the help of a nationally representative survey of our older population that will act as the foundation on which we can plan appropriate health, medical, social and economic policies. This study provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of the characteristics, needs and contributions of older persons in Ireland that will be invaluable for:

  • policy-makers and public sector service planners
  • voluntary sector actors engaged in activities that seek to enhance the social integration of older citizens
  • many private sector companies in the insurance and services industries

Furthermore, the study will deliver quality cutting edge research consistent with the emerging national initiative towards a "knowledge society" built on innovations in science and technology.

TILDA Principal Investigator, Regius Rose Anne Kenny, discusses the results of Wave 2 of the TILDA study in this short video.