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The Irish LongituDinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) is a large-scale, nationally representative, longitudinal study on ageing in Ireland, the overarching aim of which is to make Ireland the best place in the world to grow old.


GP Linkage Study

To assist with planning for COVID-19 we have analysed the following to identify numbers in at-risk cohorts based on extant international data for at-risk groups i.e. frailty, pre frailty; cardiovascular and chronic conditions; comorbidities; possible at- risk CVD and anti-inflammatory medications*; and living/household circumstances (social isolation) including grandparenting; community social care and health service utilisation. We have also produced a report on nursing homes to inform COVID-19 responses for our most vulnerable, and highlight the prevalence of internet access and use in adults over 50, as well as loneliness and social isolation in the over 70s amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read TILDA's COVID-19 report examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of older adults living in Ireland here.

Read TILDA's Wave 5 Report on The Older Population of Ireland on the Eve of the COVID-19 Pandemic click here.

To read more about Loneliness and Social Isolation in the over 70s during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

To read TILDA's report to inform demographics for the over 50s in Ireland for the COVID-19 crisis, read here.

To read more about Healthcare Utilisation and implications for COVID-19, click here.

To read more about Multimorbidity and implications for COVID-19, click here.

To read more about Frailty and implications for COVID-19, click here.

To read more about Vitamin D and implications for COVID-19, click here.

To read more about Nursing Homes to inform responses for COVID-19, click here.

To read more about Internet Acess and Use in adults over 50, click here.

To read more about our adults aged over 70, click here.

Read our "Stay Home, Stay Safe" community supports leaflet here.

Notice February 2021: Wave 6 Data Collection

We are delighted to annouce that Wave 6 data collection is currently underway. Our team in TILDA will be in touch to conduct telephone interviews with TILDA participants.

TILDA collects information on all aspects of health, economic and social circumstances from people aged 50 and over in a series of data collection waves once every two years. TILDA is unique amongst longitudinal studies in the breadth of physical, mental health and cognitive measures collected. This data, together with the extensive social and economic data, makes TILDA one of the most comprehensive research studies of its kind both in Europe and internationally.



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