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Frailty and Resilience

Frailty is a multi-factorial biologic syndrome of decreased reserve, influenced by the combination of one’s physical, psychological and social health. Although a recognizable and common phenomenon in ageing, it is difficult to accurately define and diagnose.

Within the TILDA Frailty Working Group, we utilise this nationally representative and longitudinal study of community-living people aged 50 and over to explore the determinants and consequences of frailty. We also endeavour to more accurately characterise this age-related syndrome, advancing knowledge through interdisciplinary collaborations. We see frailty research encompassing not only the physiological level of analysis, but also the biomedical and policy-relevant aspects.

TILDA's Frailty and Resilience working group is currently co-chaired by Prof. Roman Romero-Ortuno ( and Ms. Siobhan Scarlett (