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Tinney HPC

To facilitate FRAILMatics’ research programme, SFI granted the PI an infrastructure budget of circa €250,000 to purchase a new High Performance Computing (HPC) system based in TILDA. This new system is made up of a Storage Component, a HPC Cluster (mixed CPU and GPU cluster), and a high speed network between the storage component and the HPC cluster to facilitate rapid ingress of data and output of results. The central equipment is housed in a secure and environmentally controlled College Data Centre backed by an uninterruptable power supply, and managed by Research IT (formerly the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing). The system is also composed of a number of new High Performance Workstations and peripheries located in TILDA offices (in Trinity College Dublin and MISA) to facilitate development of workflows and methodologies. These computing peripheries are managed by TILDA IT staff.

The HPC system is named 'Tinney' in honour of Sheila Christina Tinney, the first Irish-born and -raised woman to receive a doctorate in the mathematical sciences (1941, University of Edinburgh).

For futher infomation on the Tinney HPC system please click here

Photo: Tinney HPC system and some of the FRAILMatics team (left-to-right - Prof Roman Romero-Ortuno, Dr. Rossella Rizzo, and Mr James Davis)