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COVID-19 Statistics

This page provides daily updates on COVID-19 Statistics broken down into a number of charts. The data has been drawn in from the linked data on the data.geohive.ie website.

Statistics are imported daily from Data Geohive and stored in a spreadsheet. These spreadsheets have been converted into real-time daily visualisations of COVID-19 statistics across Ireland which can be hosted on the TILDA website and accessed at any time.

Currently we provide visual representations of COVID-19 breakdowns across counties, age group, gender, transmission type and level of severity (hospitalisation/ICU). Export features to download charts as images or PDF are available in each page.

More statistics will be added as they become available. Our data relies on linked data via the data.geohive.ie archive. For latest HPSC data not yet available on Geohive, please see COVID-19 dashboard produced by gov.ie.

Please follow the links to see current numbers of each of these breakdowns.