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Health and Wellbeing: Active Ageing for Older Adults in Ireland Evidence from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing

Chapter by chapter

1. Introduction
Rose Anne Kenny and Christine McGarrigle

2. The Contribution of Older Adults to their Families and Communities
Mark Ward and Christine McGarrigle

3. Health Insurance and Healthcare Utilisation and Screening
Patrick Moore, Siobhan Scarlett and Anne Nolan

4. Consumption Patterns and Adherence to the Food Pyramid
Deirdre O'Connor, Siobhan Leahy and Christine McGarrigle

5. Objective Indicators of Health and Function
Hugh Nolan, Louise Newman and Orna Donoghue

6. Measures of Health and Function that Predict Future Falls?
Matthew O'Connell, Rose Anne Kenny and Orna Donoghue

7. Prevalence and Impact of Chronic Debilitating Disorders
Mark Canney, Triona McNicholas, Siobhan Scarlett and Robert Briggs

8. Methodology
Daniel Carey, Margaret Foley and Orna Donoghue