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TILDA Wave 6: 2020-2021

Wave 6 Recommencement:2020-2021

Recruitment of 50-59 year-olds

TILDA plans to replenish our population of 50-59 year-old participants. The recruitment of new participants will be undertaken by a team of interviewers in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin. When WAVE 6 commences, interviewers will be calling to randomly selected households throughout the country. If you or someone in your household are eligible to take part (aged 50-59), please consider participation. TILDA is an internationally-recognised longitudinal study, and the data it produces is driving important developments in health, social and economic knowledge and policy in Ireland. Its continued success depends entirely on our valued participants, without whose generous giving of their time and effort this would not be possible.

For more information on The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, please see our FAQ section. Some of the Study’s key findings are summarised here.

Please Note: TILDA uses a robust population sampling method to ensure the Study’s representativeness. To maintain its integrity, the study unfortunately cannot accept volunteers or referrals as participants.