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TILDA welcomes Prof. Steve Horvath to present on DNA methylation studies of ageing

TILDA was delighted to welcome renowned ageing expert, and Professor of Human Genetics and Biostatistics at UCLA, Prof. Steve Horvath, to present at a special TILDA webinar, on the topic of “DNA methylation studies of aging in different mammals”.

Prof. Horvath is an anti-aging researcher and leading expert, whose research lies at the intersection of several fields including epigenetic biomarkers of ageing.

In mammals, DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that regulates gene expression by serving as a maintainable mark whose absence marks promoters and enhancers. Recent epidemiological studies also demonstrate that DNA methylation levels play an important role in the aging process of humans. Prof. Horvath presented research findings from the Mammalian Methylation Consortium which has generated data from over 200 mammalian species to date, and shared insight on clinical and epidemiological studies in the primate we care most about.

The event was chaired by Dr Cathal McCrory,, Associate Professor (Psychology) of Life Course Development and Ageing at Trinity College Dublin, with an introductary speech by Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Professor of Medical Gerontology, at Trinity College Dublin and Founding PI of TILDA.

Watch the webinar below: