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Where are we Now?

Completed Activities

Fifty Plus in IrelandOver 8,500 people took part in the first wave of TILDA in 2009 and 2010. We have published the first results in a report called ‘Fifty Plus in Ireland 2011: First Results from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing’.

Research papers on the results from Wave 1 have been published in various high level journals around the world.

In early 2012, we commenced Wave 2 of the study, which involved re-visiting and re-interviewing participants from the first wave. Wave 2 is now complete and we hope that the information collected through the interviews will allow us to look at how participants’ circumstances and experiences have changed (or stayed the same) over the last couple of years.

w2 report coverAs in Wave 1, an interviewer visited all participants and asked questions about things we believe to be important in the lives of people aged 50 and over. Topics covered included health, housing, social support, work, retirement, pensions and quality of life. Since the first interview we added a number of new questions, including some on personality. The first time we visited there was also a follow-up health assessment. There was no separate health assessment during this wave, but the interviewers took a measure of handgrip strength and walking speed when they visited participants in their homes.

The first results from Wave 2 have now been published in a report titled 'The Over 50s in a Changing Ireland: Economic Circumstances, Health and Well-Being'. Our researchers are also working on research papers based on the results.

Current Activities

Wave 3 of the study commenced in early 2014 and is currently underway. Wave 3 will include a personal interview in the participant's home, a self-completion questionnaire and a full health assessment.


Participants in the first wave of the TILDA study will be invited to complete a follow-up interview every two years and a health assessment every three to four years for a ten year period.


  • 2009-2011 – WAVE 1
    Home Interviews and follow-up Health Assessments
  • 2012 – WAVE 2
    Home Interviews including some physical measures carried out in the participants' homes
  • 2014 – WAVE 3
    Home Interviews and follow-up Health Assessments
  • 2016 – WAVE 4
    Home Interviews