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Mr James Davis

James Davis is a PhD Student in Medical Gerontology working on the FRAILMatics project at The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing. His research is focused on gait analysis in the context of detecting early signals of frailty with an emphasis on data-driven and machine learning approaches. He is under the supervision of Prof. Roman Romero-Ortuno.

In 2020 James obtained a first-class honour in B.Sc Physics Technology from Technological University Dublin. As part of his studies he completed a seven-month work placement with the Applied Optics Group and the University of Kent. For his final year thesis, he worked on the development of a prognostic tool that uses spectropolarimetry signals from cancerous, pre-treatment tissue samples, to predict cancer recurrence. In 2018 he graduated with distinction from B.Sc (Ord) in Industrial and Environmental Physics from Dublin Institute of Technology.