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Dr Céline De Looze

Céline De Looze is a senior research fellow in cognitive neuroscience, currently visiting researcher in TILDA. Her research aims to investigate the risk and protective factors associated with cardiovascular, brain and cognitive health in a multi-system and multidisciplinary perspective. Her research focuses on determining the effects of socio-economic position, multi-system physiological dysregulation (autonomic, cardiovascular, immune, metabolic, renal) and health behaviours (e.g. physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, sleep, mental health) on brain and cognitive health, using pioneering statistical methods and large population-representative, longitudinal health data. Her research interests also include the identification of speech markers for phenotyping cognitive trajectories in neurodegenerative diseases, impaired speech development and high-workload environments (aviation).

For a full list of Céline De Looze's publications, please click here.