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TILDA study shows how early adversity in life has an impact on ageing

Cutting-edge DNA analysis on a group of older Irish people has found the biological ageing process is accelerated for some — and this is associated with events that occurred when they were growing up.

Read the original article in The Independent here.

The pioneering study from Trinity College Dublin has explored how ageing is affected by early life adversity, including childhood poverty, the death of a parent, parental substance abuse in the family, childhood physical abuse, and childhood sexual abuse.

Childhood poverty was found to significantly hasten biological ageing by one to two years, while the death of a parent was also linked to increasing the ageing process.

Read the full paper by Dr. Cathal McCrory, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology: 'Early life adversity and age acceleration at mid-life and older ages indexed using the next-generation GrimAge and Pace of Aging epigenetic clocks', here.