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Frailty & Resilience Working Group

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The Frailty & Resilience working group focuses its research and education on a number of key areas:

  • Measurement of Frailty:  Frailty is difficult to characterise especially in its early stages, our research aims to improve upon current methodologies and develop new measurement models to identify frailty and pre-frailty - an intermediate, pre-clinical and reversible state.
  • Cognitive Dimensions of Frailty: The relationship between frailty and cognition is of growing importance given the prevalence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia. Using tests of global cognition, executive function, memory, processing speed and attention, we are investigating the specific dimensions of cognition that are impacted by frailty and the relationship with MCI.
  • Cardiovascular/Physical Function and Frailty:  Cardiovascular disease, hyper-/hypo-tensive states, and autonomic dysfunction can lead to falls, fractures, and disability.  Such impairments of physical function are a key characteristic of frailty. The detailed beat-to-beat measures of blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave velocity obtained during the TILDA health assessment, allows us to characterise how cardiovascular profiles are altered in frailty.


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