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Economics Working Group


TILDA Researchers

TCD Collaborators

  • Prof. Charles Normand carries out research in relation to healthcare utilisation. He also advises on addressing problems encountered in current/previous waves  and designing new questions for future waves.
  • Prof. Brian O Connell is a Professor of Restorative Dentistry. He has worked with Vincent on the effects of fluoridation in Ireland.

External Collaborators

  • Prof. Brian Nolan (UCD) is working with Alan and Vincent on Wealth and Income data in TILDA. Brian also sits on the TILDA steering committee.
  • Prof. Richard Layte (ESRI) has previously sat on the TILDA steering committee and co-authored with Vincent. He has interests in economic disadvantage and inequality, particularly in relation to health outcomes.
  • Jim Smith (RAND), David Weir (Michigan), James Banks (Manchester), Axel Börsch-Supan (Mannheim), Robert Wright (Strathclyde) sit on the TILDA scientific advisory board. Along with John Phillips (NIA) they provide advice on:
    • Addressing problems encountered in current/previous waves.
    • Designing new questions for future waves


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