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Biomedical Engineering Working Group


September 2014

Michelle Sybring completes MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Congratulations to Michelle Sybring who recently completed her MSc in Biomedical Engineering. Michelle's work focused on the design, development and testing of a novel and convenient test for vasovagal syncope working in collaboration with the Falls and Blackout Unit at St. James’s hospital and TILDA. Her research was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ciarán Finucane, Dr. Hugh Nolan and Prof. Rose Anne Kenny.

January 2014

John Frewen PhD Thesis Awarded

Congratulations to John Frewen who recently completed his PhD in TILDA examining the association between neurocardiovascular instability and cognitive function under the supervision of Dr. Gerard Boyle and Prof Kenny. John’s work was published in a number of top international journals in 2013, including Neurobiology of Ageing, Journals of Gerontology Series A and Clinical Autonomic Research (See Publications list) and was presented at top international conferences. Well done John!

September 2013

TILDA Welcomes New Team Member and MSc Students

In 2013, TILDA welcomed Dr. Hugh Nolan, who has just completed his PhD examining EEG based signatures of vestibular function, to the TILDA Biomedical Engineering team. Michael Carmody, Sigrid Dupan and Joseph Morrow were also welcomed to the team and all successfully completed their MSc theses in Bioengineering under co-supervision of Dr. Ciarán Finucane, Dr. Hugh Nolan, Dr. Matt O Connell and Prof. Rose Anne Kenny Kenny. Michelle Sybring joined the team in December 2013 and will be based in the Falls Unit in St James’s hospital in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Ciarán Finucane, Dr. Hugh Nolan and Prof. Rose Anne Kenny.

TILDA Research Awarded at the British Geriatrics Society and Irish Geriatrics Society Meetings in 2013

Congratulations to Eoin Duggan, a medical student from UCD and TILDA researcher, who recently won both the best poster prize at the BGS in Spring, 2013 and was awarded for his presentation at the Annual IGS society conference, 2013. His research conducted at TILDA examined the interaction between vision and gait ( This work was supervised by Dr. Ciarán Finucane, Dr. Hilary Cronin, Dr. Orna Donoghue and TILDA PI Prof Rose Anne Kenny and was supported by a summer student grant from the HRB.

Eoin Duggan, Medical Student Researcher at TILDA, with his award-winning poster

TILDA Bioengineering Students MSc Theses Awarded

In 2013 our three MSc students very successfully completed their theses in Bioengineering in TCD in record time. Congratulations to Michael Carmody, Sigrid Dupan and Joseph Morrow.  Congratulations to Michael Carmody who received a commendation for his project investigating novel markers of syncope.

TILDA Welcomes Prof. Jurgen Classens

TILDA’s NCVI and Biomedical Engineering groups welcomed Prof. Jurgen Classens from Nijmegen in Holland to TILDA for an excellent presentation detailing his work on Cerebral Perfusion measurement in older adults and its role in Brain Ageing.


Prof Jurgen Claasen from Nijmegen Medical Centre, Radboud University who presented to the TILDA team in Spring 2013

Future activity by the group will include collaboration with Prof. Classens in measurement of Cerebral Perfusion. 



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