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Dr. Siobhan Leahy

Siobhan Leahy joined TILDA in February 2013 as a post-doctoral Health Researcher. She was awarded a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy from the University of Limerick in 2008 and subsequently completed a PhD investigating body composition and its measurement in Irish adults, also at the University of Limerick. Siobhan is working on the HRB-funded Project SADD, investigating the relationships between socioeconomic position, anxiety, depression and diabetes in the ageing population of Ireland.

Project SADD will address the following research questions using TILDA data:

  1. What is the distribution of Type 2 diabetes, depression and anxiety in older Irish adults?
  2. How do these distributions differ by diabetes sub-group and what other characteristics define these groups?
  3. What is the burden of undiagnosed diabetes in older Irish adults and how does this differ by sub-group?
  4. What is the incidence of each condition (diabetes, depression, anxiety) over time?
  5. What is the direction of the association between diabetes and mental health?
  6. What are the pathways by which socio-economic position leads to diabetes? What are the specific roles of depression and anxiety?
  7. How can these factors be modified to improve outcomes in older adults?

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