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Research Team


Dr. Orna Donoghue Health
Dr. Joanne Feeney Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr. Siobhan Leahy Diabetes & Mental Health
Dr. Cathal McCrory Psychology
Dr. Christine McGarrigle Social Epidemiology
Dr. Patrick Moore Economics
Dr. Irene Mosca Economics
Dr. Catriona Murphy Health
Dr. Hugh Nolan Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Helen O'Brien Health
Dr. Matthew O’Connell Frailty
Ms. Deirdre O'Connor Nutrition
Dr. Aisling O’Halloran Frailty & Falls
Dr. Celia O’Hare Psychiatry
Ms. Siobhan Scarlett Frailty
Dr. Annalisa Setti Psychology
Dr. Yuanyuan Ma Economics
Dr. Eithne Sexton Healthy and Positive Ageing
Mr. Christopher Fawsitt Health Economics

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